Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Birthday Dinner Part 3...Cheesecake!


Here is the third and final "A Birthday Dinner Post" If you missed the others here are the links to them! Part 1 Breadsticks! and part 2 Manicotti!

   Now to the cake! In our family the person who's birthday we are celebrating gets to pick what we have for dinner and desert (+ whatever activity they want to do as a family!). Mom is the one who usually makes the birthday dinners and cakes, but since it was for her I got to make it! She chose cheesecake (something I had never made before) so I got to try something new!

                              So here is the recipe for the crust!
                                                   Cheesecake Crust
                                      (this recipe is also known as Shortbread :)
                                              Its as basic as 1,2,3 literally!  lol

                               1.       1  cup (two sticks) of butter, softened
                               2.       1/2 cup Sugar
                               3.       2 1/2 cups Flour
                                   Heat oven to 350 degrees                                                                       

                                Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy
                                          then add flour and blend well.

                                               Bake for 25 minutes

I used a round pan

Mixing it all up!

Precooked crust

Cooked crust (hot from the oven!)

                               We like to put chocolate chips on the hot crust!

                                        Cheesecake Filling
                              1. 4 packs soft cream cheese
                              2. 1 1/2 cups sugar
                              3. 2 tsp. vanilla
                              4. 1-2 cups Sour cream
                              5. 4-5 Eggs

              Beat cream cheese well, add Sugar, Vanilla and Sour cream and mix again.
                             Then add Eggs (now mix as little as possible)
Mixing in my Moms Electrolux mixer!

When just the cream cheese was in the mixer
I wanted to get a bagel lol!

In the oven ready to go! :)

                                      Oven-350 again. let it bake for 35 minutes
                mix one cup of sour cream with two tsp. of sugar and spread on top.
                                         bake for another 5 minutes

Sour cream on top

Yum! I could eat it plain! lol


                                               Then choose whatever toppings you want!

                        Fruit, Nuts, Caramel, CHOCOLATE, and more CHOCOLATE!

As you can tell we chose nuts and

Yum, Yum!

Please comment and tell me what toppings
 you like best on cheesecake!

Thank you all for visiting!

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  1. Yum, that looks delicious! We also get to choose our cake and lunch/dinner for our birthday. That makes for a lot of variety.

    1. Awesome! I love doing that! :) Thanks for stopping by! <3

  2. This looks scrumptious. We have a similar tradition in our family for birthday celebrations.
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  3. That looks delicious! Instead of making regular cakes for my Birthday I make cheesecake. I think I make choose this recipe for this year! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you Lanae! Please write and tell me how you like it! (You can comment here or contact me by email,(On my Contact Me page) Thanks!) <3

  4. Oh my...that cheesecake! My mouth fell open when I saw it :) Thank you, my dear, for sharing this delicious recipe with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

    1. lol! :D Aw.Thanks Stephanie! :) <3


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