Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What Happened This Month?......June

                                      Well, this has been a very busy month for me and my family!
      We are now into the "done with school, getting ready for school phase" plus gardening, yard work, house work, a conference, Birthdays and so much more!

         1. TONS AND TONS OF GARDENING!                                          
         2. We shopped the sales at garden centers and got some
                                          SUPER good deals on flowers and herbs.                
         3. Cleaned house.
         4. had the Leslie Ludy 'Set Apart Girl' Conference at our church (so much fun!)
         5. The church picnic!                                                                          
         6. My Dad's Birthday. (he had tacos and Cherry pie!)
         7. Had an AWESOME storm that came through!
         8. Taught a friend how to make Kombucha.
         9. Sold at the homeschooling used curriculum sale.
       10. Monthly ladies Bible study at church.

                  P.S. Sorry there are no pictures this time (and that this post is so late)
                                         I had a really busy week/month!

                                                Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I hate to admit this, but I had to do a search to see what Kombucha is. Now I want to come to your house and make it, too. You sure have had a busy month. We'll turn around and the month will be over! ~Pamela

    1. Not a lot of people know what it is! But we LOVE it, i'd rather have Kombucha then soda! Thanks for a great comment! <3

  2. Very nice post. Looks like you were busy! I am following you now. I have enjoyed visiting you.

    1. Thanks! Thats awesome that your following my blog! Thanks so much! <3


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