Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Happened This Month? July

Hi Everyone! Sorry this post is so late ;( (once again!) I am having a hard time remembering what we did last month (I guess it would have helped if I'd done it right away ;P )

1. One of my brother's birthday (he wanted a minion cake and my Mom (Over at Gentle Joy homemaker and Gentle Joy Photography) made it and made a post about it (which you can read here ----> Minion cake


2. two surprise visits from inlaws (Grandparents and aunt and uncle)

3. Fun night at a friends house

4. lots of produce from our garden!

5. fourth of July fun!    (we made a watermelon monster for our church's fourth of July picnic)
    here --->Watermelon Monster!

6. gearing up for school (which we started on August 11th!)

And that is ALL I can remember (I will try to do better next month!!!!) so sorry!

Thanks for stopping by! 

~Wholesome Joy~

P.S. This is post #60!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice pictures...... I especially like the first picture.... turned out so wonderfully well. :) Thank you for sharing this... :)

  2. I love your pictures! Pinned. Lou Lou Girls


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