Monday, September 22, 2014

A Pizza Science Experiment!

In our house all of us kids that are home during the day have assigned days to make lunch. Well on my day (since we had just started school) I decided to do something different!

      We have a meal that we love, it's called Tortilla Pizza's. And I decided we would make those and that I would let them choose there own ingredients (we don't normally do this) so here's what they chose!

                                                                           Brother #3 
                                                              He is the most adventurous!
                                 (he has also been known to put Mustard on brownies :( lol ) 

He had.
1. Pizza sauce
2. BBQ sauce
3. Mustard 
4. Pickles
5. Cheese
6. pepperoni


Brother #4
He LOVES veggies

He had.

1. Peas
2. Carrots
3. Pizza sauce
4. Cheese 
5. Pepperoni


Sister #1
She is not nearly as adventurous as the guys!

She had.

1. BBQ sauce
2. Cheese
3. Pepperoni

Now to the normal pizza's!



She had.

1. Chicken
2. Cheese



I had.

1. Cheese
2. Pepperoni


Here is the finished "strange ones"
I hope you all enjoyed the Science experiment!
See Y'all next time!

~Wholesome Joy~ 

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  1. We eat a lot of pizza here, but rarely on tortillas. That is a great idea though! We aren't too adventurous either, mainly going with cheese/onions/peppers/garlic - for some reason my kids are anti pepperoni.

    1. Yeah, I'm one of the less adventurous ones! I love tortilla pizza's (you should try them there REALLY good! <3

  2. Mmmm--pizza tortillas sound reaaaaaaaaally good. I might have to try those :)

    dance a real

    1. You should! They are one of our favorites! :) <3

  3. I'm sure your kids loved this! So fun. Thx for linking it up at the Thoughtful Spot!

    1. Well, those were actually my siblings! :) Thank you so much for hosting the linkup! <3

  4. My kids love doing this as well. Great job.



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