Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Gentle Joy Homemaker: Is It Really Just Innocent Fun?

Gentle Joy Homemaker: Is It Really Just Innocent Fun?: For the past few weeks, I have felt the Lord pushing me....  pushing me to write a post about a difficult subject. I have put it off since I...


This is a wonderful post by Gentle Joy that talks about halloween and why we don't celebrate it (by the way, I wholeheartedly agree with EVERTHING in the post!)

I hope you will take the time to read it!

P.S. The above picture is from Gentle Joy's Blog and I used it with her permission. :)


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Monday, October 27, 2014

My Fun Fall Outfit 2 (Burnt Orange and Cream)

This is the outfit I wore to church yesterday!
I was looking for a outfit that looked fall-ish but was still cool and summer-y 
(sorry about my strange words :)
It was supposed to be in the eighties and sunny! 
(It turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day by the way!)

I chose this Orange dress because it's Linen which is nice and cool!
I didn't want to wear brown or black with it (it would look to winter-y (sorry) :) 
so I decided on cream!

I LOVE these shoes! I think I found them at a church garage sale for about $1.00?
They are Italian leather and SO comfortable! 
They are also size 38 (if you know anything about European sizing! :) Which BTW I don't)

Don't you LOVE all of the fall leaves in our yard? !!!

By the way, the reason the bottom part of my hair is SO messy is this is about 2:30 in the afternoon and I fixed it at 8:00 in the morning + I stood outside at church for about 1/2 an hour :( Oops!

The earrings were a gift from Mom & Dad on my last Birthday! :)

And the necklace was also a gift from them (Christmas two years ago!)
P.S. This is an old picture (just about Christmas time last year)

1. Dress; American Living; 100% Linen! Gift
2. Shirt; Designers Originals; Cotton. Garage sale $0.50
3. Shoes; Spring Step;  Made in Italy! Church Garage Sale $1.00
Necklace; Gift from Mom & Dad
Earrings Gift Again from Mom & Dad! :)

I hope you all enjoyed My Fun Fall Outfit 2!

Thanks for stopping by.........I hope you'll come back soon! 

~Wholesome Joy~


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Monday, October 20, 2014

Lessons from Narnia Part 1. Edmund

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Anyone who knows me well knows that my FAVORITE books are the Chronicles of Narnia! I LOVE them and have loved them for years!
   A while back I was folding laundry and listening to a dramatized version of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe (Focus on the Family Radio Theater) and I started noticing things that I hadn't noticed before!

                             Think about the things that Edmund does..............


 1. He lied about being in Narnia before and in doing so made his sister out to be telling lies.

 2. He was the voice of doubt on several occasions,
       making Peter doubt about the trustworthiness of their guide...

 3. He betrayed his own family,

        for candy and sweets....


    So in general what do you think of Edmund? He's not a very likable person is he?  He's also a great example of us.

   Before Jesus (Aslan symbolizes Jesus ) came and took our sin we were just like Edmund.

    We would do just about anything to get what we want.

     *When Edmund heard Aslan's name he felt "A sensation of mysterious horror."


    In the end, Edmund betrayed his family and joined the White Witch's side...........only to find that just like he was using her to get Turkish Delight (Or ultimately what he thought would make him happy)  she was using him (also to get her own way).


   We are just the same, we chase after that ultimate happiness, but without Christ it will not satisfy us.


   Edmund is at rock bottom. His family is in danger (because of him), he is being held prisoner by someone he thought was his friend, and he would have be killed for what he's done..............

    But...........Aslan (Jesus) loved Edmund (or us) so much that he came of his own free will to die in his (our) place so he (you and I) could go free.

  The Witch (Satan) thought she had won.


    But it didn't end there! Aslan (Jesus) rose from the dead and vanquished the White Witch (Satan).


                                                    Jesus is alive and He saved you!

 I hope you all are having a great Monday!
~Wholesome Joy~

(* Quote taken from The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.
               (note; my book is the one with all seven books in it) page 141, Harper Collins Publishers, Copyright 1950 by C.S.Lewis Pte. Ltd. )


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Friday, October 17, 2014

Dew on Fall Leaves................

These pictures are actually from 2010 and I took them on my little point and shoot camera.........

It took me a LONG time to get them, but it was a perfect day for photography!

 (the sun was at just the right angle and there wasn't any breeze) 

there had been a heavy dew the night before and the leaves that were on the ground had nice big water droplets on them! 

I had just figured out how to use the Macro on my camera..........

So I took TONS of pictures!

Of leaves..................

And more leaves..............

And more leaves. :)

Do you like using Macro? What do you take pictures of?


Thanks so much for stopping by............I hope to see you again soon! 

~Wholesome Joy~


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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Night After The Eclipse...............

Hi Everyone!
So first off I want to say that I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted,
it's been a long couple of weeks.
I was so sad that I didn't get to see the Eclipse Wednesday EARLY in the morning :( 
well..............That's only half true............I was REALLY sad I missed it,
 but...............I wasn't sad about the sleep I got! :)

Well, the next night one of my brothers came in and said that the moon was really big 
and pretty and that I should go out and get some pictures.

These are the ones I got!

I am still trying to figure out the night settings so these weren't 
exactly what I wanted. But there were still some pretty ones......

I hope you enjoy them!

On the above picture I had it on manual and
 turned up the light exposure...........  

Did you get any pictures of the eclipse? If you did please leave me a link to your post,
 I would LOVE to see them!
 Thanks for stopping by!

~Wholesome Joy~


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Friday, October 3, 2014

I Got My First DSLR Camera!!

 I bought my first DSLR camera a few weeks ago!!!!!!!! Up until now I've been using a Canon Point & Shoot. But one of my brothers gave me some money for my Birthday last month to help with the cost of an upgrade! So  we got on Ebay and found one!

Here are pictures of it!

It is a Canon Rebel XS!


and the two lens'


The first one is a 18-55 mm IS


The second one is a 55-250 mm IS


I'm loving it! But I did keep my little camera too. (it fits in my purse so I can carry it easily!)

Here are the pictures of my little camera!

It is a Canon Powershot SD750 7.1 MP

There are four post that I've done so far with my new camera, here they are!


Thank you for stopping by! <3

~Wholesome Joy~


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