Monday, October 13, 2014

The Night After The Eclipse...............

Hi Everyone!
So first off I want to say that I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted,
it's been a long couple of weeks.
I was so sad that I didn't get to see the Eclipse Wednesday EARLY in the morning :( 
well..............That's only half true............I was REALLY sad I missed it,
 but...............I wasn't sad about the sleep I got! :)

Well, the next night one of my brothers came in and said that the moon was really big 
and pretty and that I should go out and get some pictures.

These are the ones I got!

I am still trying to figure out the night settings so these weren't 
exactly what I wanted. But there were still some pretty ones......

I hope you enjoy them!

On the above picture I had it on manual and
 turned up the light exposure...........  

Did you get any pictures of the eclipse? If you did please leave me a link to your post,
 I would LOVE to see them!
 Thanks for stopping by!

~Wholesome Joy~


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  1. Wow, those are some pretty pictures! Sadly, I wasn't able to see the eclipse either because it was too cloudy out. :-( Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! It was really nice that the moon was so pretty the next night too! I hope you are having a great week! <3

  2. Your photos are so amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

    1. Thank you! And thanks for hosting the linkup! <3

  3. Very nice pictures..... I really like the one with the clouds over part of the moon. :)

    1. That's one of my favorites too! <3


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