Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Catching Up...........Day to Day Life! :)

Hi Everyone!
First off I want to say thank you for being so patient and understanding of my blogging break! It was MUCH needed! :)

And now.........I'm back (I think:) 

Well, Life's been really busy since I last checked in here!

We've been/done/happened
1. Gone to my Grandparents house over Labor Day Weekend
2. My Grandparent came home with us afterwords for a few days
3. My Birthday!!! :) 
4. Three other siblings Birthdays
5. The Missionary Fair at Church (This past weekend)
6. School started for my siblings. (in August)  

What's coming up........

1. FALL!!!!!!
2. Church Campout!! Yay! :)
3. Grandpa and Grandma coming again!
4. Garage Sale? 
5. Friends Birthdays
6. Sweater Season!!!

With everything going on I'm not keeping up very well with all of the chores/and other
 things I'm supposed to be doing :( 


I would love your prayers that I would be more faithful in my walk with God
(With everything going on it hasn't been at the TOP of my list like it should
 be.......I'm trying to change that this week)


Thanks for stopping by!

~Wholesome Joy~ 


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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Dog & Some Geese.... A Sherlock Tail (Tale) :)

Sorry about the Blogging break! With having a garage sale, and prep and clean out 
from + Attending a conference life's been REALLY busy! :) 

One of my brothers had a Birthday recently and for his birthday activity we went to
 a park.
(The word we includes Sherlock, who you might remember:)

Now this park ALWAYS has a LOT of geese waddling around, and to Sherlock they
 looked like a lot of toys to chase (Or maybe chew toys? lol) 

(Above Picture)
My brother had just gotten him out of the car & he had just seen the Geese!
 (Can you tell he was excited?)

This is what he saw! 
(What dog wouldn't get excited about seeing that! :)

As soon as the Geese saw him they were all waddling as fast as they could toward the lake.
(For good reason!)

Sherlock kept trying to pull my brother into the lake! He WANTED these birds! :)

Can I have them? :) 

He looked so sad when he couldn't! :D


When you all comment today I would love to see captions for this last picture!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

~Wholesome Joy~


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Monday, June 29, 2015

Church Picnic and Garage Sale...My Week! :)

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are having a great week so far! 
We had our church picnic yesterday and it was a blast! AWESOME!!!!! 

But that combined with the fact that we are starting our Garage Sale TOMORROW means that sadly I will be absent this week :( 

A dragonfly I was able to get a picture of at the playground yesterday :) 

Cattails at the park!

And closeups of the Cattails! 

I hope you all have a lovely Fourth of July!


~Wholesome Joy~

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Some of the Beautiful Flowers in our Garden

Well hi everyone! I was going to do a post on one of our favorite meals (Enchilada casserole) but I was editing pictures and realized that I had all of the pictures of making the meal but I didn't have any of the finished meal (All the way cooked) so.....

You all get to see more of our flowers this week! :) 

It's getting HOT around here and although I'm kind-of wilting our flowers are doing GREAT! :)  

Yarrow Blossoms 

This is a little tiny flower that I think is a weed (But it's pretty so I took a picture anyway!)

More Yarrow flowers

Beautiful Purple Clematis blossoms

Pea Blossoms

Orange Lillie's!

I believe that this is a radish that went to seed/flowered..........

A Cucumber Blossom

A Carrot Top

Pea Blossoms again

I'm not sure what this one is........

Thanks for taking a little walk through our garden!

Wholesome Joy

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Signs of the Country! :)

Hi Everyone! 
Here is a post I've been meaning to write ever since we got home from our trip over Memorial day weekend! 


We were on our way to see family that lives a few hours away and I started reading the road signs............If you've ever driven in the country you know that there are some pretty cool signs! (+ the whimsical, weird and strange ones! :) and also the ones that make you laugh!)  
So.....here are a bunch of the signs I saw! Enjoy! :)


P.S. Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, it's kind-of hard to take clear pictures when driving down the highway! :) 

Most of my favorite ones are the biggest ones....(The two pictures above are a couple of my favorites!)

Rhino road....

Crawley Drive

Buffalo Linn Creek Road


Tangled Trail



Colvert Drive

Carnahan Road


Steadfast Lane

Chapel Bluff Road

Rough Road :)

Empire Lane

Sorry but I couldn't resist another pic of Rough Road! :D 

Horse & Buggies on the road sign! <3

Pavilion Circle 

Woodall Drive

Mill School Road

This one is my FAVORITE! 

Lain Lane!

Oak Springs Drive

Schoolhouse Ave.

How would you like to live in a town called Racket! :)

Rocky Top Acres again! :D

Lickingteller Ave.

Muddy River Road! :)

Racket Ave......You want to guess what town that was in? lol  :)

Sun Hill Road

Tightwad City Limit...........Population 69


I hope you all have enjoyed the signs of the country! 

~Wholesome Joy~


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