Monday, June 22, 2015

Some of the Beautiful Flowers in our Garden

Well hi everyone! I was going to do a post on one of our favorite meals (Enchilada casserole) but I was editing pictures and realized that I had all of the pictures of making the meal but I didn't have any of the finished meal (All the way cooked) so.....

You all get to see more of our flowers this week! :) 

It's getting HOT around here and although I'm kind-of wilting our flowers are doing GREAT! :)  

Yarrow Blossoms 

This is a little tiny flower that I think is a weed (But it's pretty so I took a picture anyway!)

More Yarrow flowers

Beautiful Purple Clematis blossoms

Pea Blossoms

Orange Lillie's!

I believe that this is a radish that went to seed/flowered..........

A Cucumber Blossom

A Carrot Top

Pea Blossoms again

I'm not sure what this one is........

Thanks for taking a little walk through our garden!

Wholesome Joy

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  1. So beautiful, and your photos are just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you. ;)

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl! Your comments are always so inspirational! Thanks again! <3

  2. The small blue flower at the top is considered a weed, but I prefer to call it a wildflower. :-) They are pretty and can be invasive, but I don't think they are considered noxious weeds. The common name is dayflower, but it is sometimes called widow's tears.

    The blue flower at the bottom looks to me like borage. Borage leaves are edible and it is thought to have medicinal properties. Borage seed oil is used for health and medicinal purposes.

    Yarrow has medicinal properties as well. It is said that Napoleon's army used it to stanch blood flow from battle wounds.

    Your photographs are lovely! Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)

    1. I like wildflower over weed too! :) Thank you so much for all of the information on the herbs! <3

  3. Beautiful pictures.... yes, the blue flower at the bottom is borage... get used to seeing those, because I hope to expand the numbers in our herb garden and harvest much of it. :) They have such a beautiful color... and they are interesting flowers.

    1. Thanks Mom! I was out in the garden and realized that there is a label on the Borage.......Oops! :) lol <3

  4. I know I can always count on beautiful and inspiring photos when I visit you, my dear :) Once again, your lovely images have brought a smile to my face.

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to link up with Roses of Inspiration

    1. And I know I can always count on YOU for such wonderful comments! Thanks Stephanie! <3

  5. What beautiful flowers. I love to admire the God's handiwork. Thank you for sharing your pictures at #IntentionalTuesday on Intentionally Pursuing. : )

    1. Thank you! Most of them aren't still blooming but we have the fall flowers out now! Thanks for stopping by! <3

  6. Yes, I agree that the blue flower in the last picture is borage. It is an edible flower and can be added to a salad. Lovely photos!


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