Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Dog & Some Geese.... A Sherlock Tail (Tale) :)

Sorry about the Blogging break! With having a garage sale, and prep and clean out 
from + Attending a conference life's been REALLY busy! :) 

One of my brothers had a Birthday recently and for his birthday activity we went to
 a park.
(The word we includes Sherlock, who you might remember:)

Now this park ALWAYS has a LOT of geese waddling around, and to Sherlock they
 looked like a lot of toys to chase (Or maybe chew toys? lol) 

(Above Picture)
My brother had just gotten him out of the car & he had just seen the Geese!
 (Can you tell he was excited?)

This is what he saw! 
(What dog wouldn't get excited about seeing that! :)

As soon as the Geese saw him they were all waddling as fast as they could toward the lake.
(For good reason!)

Sherlock kept trying to pull my brother into the lake! He WANTED these birds! :)

Can I have them? :) 

He looked so sad when he couldn't! :D


When you all comment today I would love to see captions for this last picture!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

~Wholesome Joy~


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