Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! 

I hope you all are having a great day!


Wholesome Joy

Monday, May 30, 2016

FREEDOM ISN'T FREE! ~~~~~~~~~~ (Happy Memorial Day!)

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! 


The cost of our freedom was (and is) very great.

I hope you had a wonderful day of remembering loved the men and women that have given their lives for our freedom and also loved ones that have passed on.


Monday, March 21, 2016

52 Free Birthday Deals!

Hi everyone!

For the past few years, in the weeks before my birthday I've searched online for birthday freebies, and then the next year did it again........I always forgot to save a list of them!


Here is the list! 
Here are 50 birthday deals 
(I have not personally tried each and every one, but I will plan to try most of them this next birthday!) 

Birthday Freebies!

 1.  Arby's  Free 12 oz shake with any purchase when you join Arby’s Extras

 2.  Baskin Robbins  Sign up for the Birthday Club and get a free scoop of ice cream on your birthday.
 3.  Bob Even's  Join the kid’s birthday club and get a free kid’s meal
 4.  Captain D's     Join the Kid’s Birthday Club and get a coupon for a free kid’s meal.
 5.  Caribou Coffee  Sign up for their email newsletter and get a free drink on your birthday.
 6.  Culver's   Join Culver’s Connect and recieve a free single scoop sundae for your birthday.
 7.  Dairy Queen  Buy One Get One Free Blizzards.
 8.  Denny's  Register for Denny’s Rewards and get a free Grand Slam Breakfast on your birthday.
 9.  IHOP   Join the Pancake Revolution to get a free meal on your birthday.
10. Jack In The Box  Free dessert on your birthday.  Must show ID.
11. Mr Goodcents  Sign for their email club and get a free 6″ sub on your birthday.
12. Noodles & Co.   Get a free dish on your birthday.
13. Orange Julius  Free birthday drink when you sign up for the Julius League.
14. Panera Bread  Get a free surprise when you register for My Panera Rewards.
15. Perkins  Join the e-Club and get a coupon for a free adult entree.
16. Planet Smoothie  Get free birthday goodies when you sign up for their newsletter.
17. Red Robin  Get a free burger on your birthday.
18. Ruby Tuesday  Join the So Connected Club and get a free handcrafted burger on your birthday.
19. Runza  Free Kid’s Meal when you sign up for Rex’s Email Club.
20. Schlotzskys  
Sign up for email club and receive a FREE small sandwich coupon for your birthday month.
21. Swagbucks  50 Points on your birthday.
22The Cheescake Factory  Free birthday dessert.
23. Einstein Bros. free bagel and shmear.
24. Firehouse Sub  free medium sub sandwich. (some locations allow coming in with photo ID and no email)
25. Olive Garden  free dessert or appetizer.
26. Pizza Hut  Free Surprise.
27. Red Lobster  free appetizer.
28. Sonic  free creamslush, tater tots, or medium drink.
29. Starbucks  free drink or treat.
30. Wendy's  free Frosty.
31. TCBY  free small yogurt.
32. Texas Roadhouse  free appetizer.
33. Bare Minerals     free full size birthday beauty product.
34. Sephora  free product sample.
35. Ulta  free full-size signature CK One mascara for ULTAmate Rewards members.
36. CVS   Register for a CVS ExtraCare Card and get $3 in ExtraCare Bucks every year on your birthday.
37. Old Navy  free surprise.
38. First Watch  You will get a B1G1 Free offer just for signing up for the Sun eClub plus, get a free entrĂ©e on your birthday.
39. godfather's pizza  Sign up for the Birthday club and get a free pizza with a purchase of breadsticks on your birthday.
40. Nature Made  get 25 bonus points on your birthday added to your wellness club
41. Kohls  Sign up for the Kohl’s Rewards program – for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases, you’ll earn 1 point – and whenever you earn 100 points, you’ll score a $5 reward in your inbox. Plus, you’ll snag a special Birthday Offer!
42. Krispy Kreme  Each Krispy Kreme store offers a different birthday promotion (some stores even offer a free dozen doughnuts and coffee on your birthday)
43. Nestle  Join the Cafe Club and get a special birthday offer.
44. Scooters  free drink upon sign-up plus a birthday offer.
45. Smoothie King  Join the Kingdom and receive discounts, promotion and a birthday offer.
46. A & W  Free A&W Root Beer for your birthday when you join the mug club.
47. Bonanza Steakhouse  BOGO coupon for one free steak or buffet.
48. Fazoli's  Free dessert.
49. Pie Five Guys  Free pizza pie.
50. Old Chicago Pizza  Free pizza of up to $16 value.
51. Planet Sub   Free Sub on your birthday! 
52. God Father's Pizza Free Medium Pizza With a Purchase of breadsticks.
53. Mcalister's Deli  Free Surprise on your birthday 

And you could sign up for all of them now and you will get your birthday treats on your birthday! (Normally you want to sign up at least a month in ensure getting your treats!)

P.S. I will continue adding deals to the list as I find them (so it might not be exactly 50......more like 50 and up!) 

                                              ~Wholesome Joy~

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How To Link Your Blog To Your Pinterest Page!

Hi everyone! 
Well I'm back from a VERY long break! (Sorry about that!) life has been SO busy lately, and finding time to write on here didn't make the cut for a few months! ;) 


Well, on my long break, just about the only thing I did for the blog was keep up with Pinterest (And even that I didn't do all that well! ;P 

I found something I hadn't before!

Did you know that you can directly link your blog/site and your Pinterest so that you get stats about what people are pinning of yours and what is the most popular? 
I didn't! 
So when I found it I decided to do a tutorial on "How To Link Your Blog To Your Pinterest Page" 

So....Here goes!

The first thing you need to do is go to your Pinterest account page/profile.

In the left hand corner next to the Pinterest icon it says Analytics.

Click on that.

You will see a page (like the one pictured above).

You will see three links, Your Pinterest Profile, Your Audience,
 and one that says "Want to see more?"

Click on that.

It will bring up what is pictured above.

There are two ways to Confirm your website.

1. The copy and paste (first circle in the picture)

2. Download (I used the other one so I don't know how well this works)

So, copy and paste the html code.

Now go to your blog.

(I don't know how this will work on other sites like Wordpress).

click on Template.

Click on Edit HTML (Its under the blog picture on the Template page).

Search the HTML code for <head> and </head> 

(As seen above)

Paste the code you copied in between <head> and </head> 

And click "Save Template"

Like above.

Refresh your Pinterest Analytics and....... 

Your done!

It will say "Check Back Soon!"

A couple of days later you should see stats appearing (they will be small at first)

And there you have it!

I hope this Tutorial helped you and I would LOVE to hear your questions and comments!

P.S. If you liked it, please share! 

Thank You!


~Wholesome Joy~


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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Gift of Giving.

 Last week my Grandma was in the hospital in our town for some tests. She was in the hospital for five days so we were up there a lot! 

 One of the days that we were there I saw an elderly man and woman going out the doors of the hospital. They were moving very slowly. The man's feet were turned in and crippled so it looked like walking would be hard and the woman was in a wheelchair and had an oxygen mask on....He was pushing her chair.

 He could barely walk and yet he was still taking care of his wife. He was doing something for her that she couldn't do for herself.

  It was a really sweet thing to see them and also a good picture of what God did/does for us.....He did what we couldn't do for ourselves, He died on they cross and paid for our sins when we couldn't. He gave of Himself for us.

   It's not really caring if your not giving of yourself.....your time, energy, giving always costs something....But it's worth it!

              For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life
                              through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

                                                 Romans 6:23

                                           ~Wholesome Joy~
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