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Wisdom Teeth Removal Horror Story! :)

August 31st 2016.

A day that has changed my life......Although I didn't realize it right away.
In the middle of August 2016 I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and while there they took an x-ray to check on my wisdom teeth and see if they needed to come out (They did the x-ray about once every year or two but they were fine up till then).

Well, The dentist looked at the x-ray and told me that I would need to have them removed. (They had been giving me trouble every few months for a couple of years....I'd have a week or two every few months that I'd be in a lot of pain from them).

So.......We decided to get them out.


August 31st.

My surgery was at 9am and it all went well. (I had been REALLY scared that I would do or say stupid stuff in recovery but I was (as my brothers called it) Boring........I was just really sleepy. (only 30 minutes in recovery and I could go home).

*(Funny fact. One of my younger brothers had his wisdom teeth out two days after I did and he was SO LOOPY! It was hilarious!)

Well after being home for almost a week I wasn't feeling better.......I still couldn't eat much because it hurt so I went back in so the Dr could look at it.

(My birthday was right around here......Worst birthday I've EVER had!)

He said I had a dry socket and gave me some gel to use a few times a day.

Fast forward two weeks and still feeling horrible........And it was getting worse! (one of my closest friends got married around then and I was able to do their guestbook for them........So nice to be able to do it but REALLY felt awful that day......I could barely stand up).

Three days after that I was back at the Dr's.

He decided that Since a month had gone by and I was feeling worse, that he needed to open things back up and see what was wrong. :(

September 27th

I had my second surgery.
(worst thing EVER!)

Dr said that it was very infected and I had Necrosis of the bone (Basically it was so infected that the bone was dying).

rough day of recovery.

One month later.
October 25th

Still feeling awful so he opened it up again (I was put out this time..........Thanking the Lord for that!)
He couldn't find anything that time so couldn't help me anymore).

(BTW, he was an AWESOME doctor!)

Went to our family practitioner........Trying to find out whats wrong.

Sent to two other Dr's.

Checked for MS and a million other things................Thankfully that came up negative!  

Sent to ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor). 

He found that I had a large sinus infection.........(I had already been on antibiotics and steroids for a while because of all the problems I'd had (that's is always the first line of treatment for a chronic sinus infection)).

So...........I had surgery the next week in February  2017

Finally started seeing a bit of progress!  

March 2017

Doing a little bit better.......But still really weak and in a lot of pain.

My Mom had been dosing me with vitamins............making me do exercises all through all of this (and still is!)  and it helped me a LOT! 

Found a Chiropractor and set up an appointment.

(most of you probably don't know this but I have Scoliosis (its a curvature of the spine).

Well, we went to the chiropractor and she took X-rays and she said my scoliosis had gotten a LOT worse!

We started going three times a  week.....then two times.............Than one.......and I'm finally down to once every two weeks! 
(with all of the nutrition Mom has been doing with me (I have taken over doing stuff on my own some too) She has been AMAZING! (GentleJoyHomemaker)

Finally getting back to church pretty regularly. :)

Walking three times a day (Chiropractor said to keep mobile).

And generally getting better bit by bit!

Dr is Expecting about two years until I'm totally back to normal. (Doing everything I used to).


Thanks for being patient with me as I haven't blogged in a LONG TIME!

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  1. I am so sorry about all you have gone through! What an utter nightmare! I continue to pray for you every, single day. God bless you and send complete healing!


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