About WJP

Hi Everyone!

Here is a little page to introduce myself. 

Why Wholesome Joy?
I go by the name Wholesome Joy on the internet because 1. that is 
the name of my photography blog & 2. I try not to have 
personal information online (name, birth date, pictures etc.)
Last December my Mom and I started blogging, we had been looking for names
 for our blogs for a LONG time.....And not finding anything! 
And then we found the names we use now!
My Blog.
My Mom's Blogs

I love it that our blog name are so similar! 


Who Am I
I'm a normal christian girl who has graduated homeschool, and am now working as a teachers assistant to my Mom.
+ Photography!


Things I Love.
I love God, Family and friends. + Music!


My Hobbies
I have many hobbies! Here are a few.
Playing Harp, Piano and Irish Flute, Photography,
Time with family and friends, tea, Modest Fashion and many, MANY more!


I hope to see you all around often! 


~Wholesome Joy~


  1. That is awesome! I can't wait to rad more!! - Maddy


    1. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! <3


Hi Everyone! I am so glad your commenting today! I allow anonymous comments if you leave a name in the comment. Also any comments with profanity or anything I deem inappropriate will be deleted. Thanks so much for commenting!

~Wholesome Joy~