Kaitlin - July 2019

Meet Kaitlin my fun loving, caring, sweet, beautiful, Sister-in-law!

This shoot was a blast to photograph! We had SO much fun finding locations in town and I am blessed to have the amazing Blue Spruce tree (From the photo above) in my own front yard!

I'm in LOVE with these photo's!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Love the black-&-white

Don't you just love the wedding-ish vibe this umbrella gives?

Mary Poppin's anyone! :)


Her earrings are so pretty....

And......The umbrella again! 

And of course the wedding ring! :)

Isn't she amazing?!

Above is my personal fav!

and of course had to add the B&W 

Or............Flower Petals!

I love this!

It's raining flowers!

Glam girl with her sunglasses!

also......Notice her amazing eye color! (right eye above) 

More Petals

They formed a heart!

Went exploring in an old antique mall and found this old radio.....

and ummmm.......Half of a person.......Jk, jk! :)

The book section.....

Is so fascinating! 

Paris anyone?

Her beautiful laugh

and gorgeous smile

Thanks for spending the day with me Sis! 
(also sorry that this happened in July and I'm just getting around to posting it! lol


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